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Animating to Life

Rachel Cramer is a secondary school teacher who usually makes more mess in class than her students. While her interest in animation is a result of extending her ceramics practice with video and other time-based media presentations, she currently teaches object-based stop-motion and traditional hand-drawn animation processes to Year 9 and 11 students.  

Animation takes still images and objects and breathes life and movement into even the simplest action or sequence. 

As Christian artists, may our lives be gloriously animated by the Word, the Spirit and the Great Creator's love.

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Animating to Life - am

Animation - be it hand-drawn on paper, digitally drawn on a device, using household objects, polymer clay or lego - is essentially the connection of still, static moments to create motion. 

During these sessions, you will be equipped and encouraged to bring stories and insights to life with a range of animation techniques, processes and technologies. 

No prior animation experience is necessary, just a willingness to experiment.


  • Table space

  • Laptop/tablet (for digital animation, a stylus would be wonderful)

  • Mobile phone/tablet (required for the recommended stop-motion app)

  • Tripod (or tripod-like setup) for camera.

  • Plain and coloured paper

  • Pens, lead pencils, eraser, sharpener

  • Collage materials (old magazines, photographs, newspapers and advertising materials are all great)

  • Interesting everyday objects


  • Polymer clay if you are keen to experiment with claymation

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice of morning elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable.