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Steve Cooper is a singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist with a history of writing songs about finding the divine in everyday experiences, directing vocal ensembles and bands, and squishing too many crazy vocal harmonies too close together…!

Steve has spent decades playing music professionally, working collaboratively with artists of other disciplines and creating and playing music in community and worship settings.  


He creates, performs and teaches with wife Hannah Cooper as RockSalt Arts, touring nationally.  


With experience teaching music in schools, facilitating workshops nationally and training in Contemporary Music (BA) and Education (Grad Dip Ed), Steve brings extensive understanding and creative depth to this fun and uplifting musical experience.

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Compose Yourself! - pm

Initiate with an idea, bounce off the Gatherings theme or start with scripture… then as a group, one person at a time, sing a phrase, then another until, finally, a song comes to life from our various unique contributions.  


A truly collaborative experience that can challenge the experienced songwriter while enabling the unmusical!  


Springboard off this affirming creative process used in RockSalt Arts workshops and spend time writing your own song/s with encouragement and support.  


Be prepared to make something that sounds really nice, and please… compose yourself!

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice for afternoon elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable