Flame-worked Glass

Sarah Dingwall

Sarah spends her days flame-working pieces at her studio on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. She has long been interested in the properties that are unique to glass, completing her Bachelor of Fine Art/Glass at Monash University in 2009.


Sarah is constantly inspired by the challenges and opportunities that glass offers, and has most recently enjoyed combining flame-worked glass with found objects from nature.


You can see Sarah's work at www.sarahdingwall.com.au 

Flame-worked Glass - am

This elective offers the rare opportunity to spend time exploring hot glass on a small scale by heating glass rods and tubes over a gas torch. Participants will be introduced to basic flame-working techniques, and explore and experiment with ideas and colours as we get familiar with the feeling of manipulating glass over a flame with a range of tools. 

Borosilicate glass is a very forgiving type of glass and perfect for the beginner. Participants will be encouraged to think about how glass can be used in creative pursuits as such a unique material.

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Additional Fee: $120

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice for afternoon elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable

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