Glass Blowing

Keith Dougall

Keith is a glass artist with over 25yrs experience working with hot and kiln-formed glass. Keith resides in Poatina and established the Poatina Glass Studio and Arts Centre where he teaches regular beginner glass blowing workshops.  Keith is passionate about helping people discover and enjoy their creativity. His own art practice has led him to undertake some major public art commissions in Tasmania recently and examples of his work can be found at

Lydia Brichta

Lydia first saw and was fascinated by glass blowing while cycling around the Isle of Wight. She stayed to watch while the rest of the group cycled on! After a short glass-blowing course at Sydney College of the Arts she worked as apprentice to glass artist Robert Wynne in Manly. Lydia went back to being a Vet after 3 years but continued glass as a hobby. A few years ago she got back into glass-blowing when invited by Keith to Poatina. Lydia continues to explore her art practice and faith with help from Poatina Arts and Annandale Creative Arts Centre in Sydney.

Glass Blowing - pm

In this exciting and fun elective you'll have the rare hands-on opportunity to explore the wonderful art of glass blowing and hot glass sculpting with molten glass gathered on a steel pipe from the furnace!

Suitable for absolute beginners as well as those with some glass experience, your elective leaders will work closely with you to help you bring your own ideas to life and create both sculptural and functional forms such as paperweights and vessels using a wide range of inspiring colours. 

You’ll learn to assist each other and work as a team, be amazed at the progress you've made and come away with lots of funky hand-blown glass and stories.

You may also like to check out the afternoon electives Kiln-Formed Glass and Flame-worked Glass (a miniature version of glass blowing - heating glass rods and tubes over a gas flame).

Additional Fee: $295 (heavily subsidised cost of gas and specialised materials)

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice for afternoon elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable

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