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Russell McKane had six years of formal voice and drama training and has performed lead rolls in a variety of drama and musical productions.  


He has directed many plays both with adults and in schools and has taught drama in senior high. He has also done sets and lighting for over 15 full productions.  


On top of this he has written two plays and many spoken word pieces.


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Radio Play - pm

Radio plays reimagined in a zoom era!  Zoom is having a significant impact on the performing arts, forcing artists to reimagine, reshape and recreate to allow the ‘play to go on’.  


Radio plays were developed before TV, to bring performance to the airwaves, often ensemble pieces with actors performing multiple parts and characters under the cloak of invisibility.


This elective will workshop and perform a play meant for the stage in this old/new medium. It may be a classic, it may be a new piece –determined in part by the number of participants.



  • A PDF and Word document of the play script by email to print (up to 40 pages depending on the play).

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice for afternoon elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable