Re-Story Your Life

Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer became passionate about the positive impact of art when teaching photography at a community photographic centre in Canberra. She studied photomedia at Canberra Art School and later completed a B.Vis.Arts (glass) at the South Australian School of Art in 2006. Since then she has undertaken paid and voluntary work as a community artist, mostly working with disadvantaged groups.


For more than 10 years Jennifer has been involved in the Christian Meditation community and feels called to open people to the Creator through creative arts practices. Having qualified as a transpersonal (spiritually focussed) art therapist, she plans to offer workshops and retreats using art to develop and deepen faith and spirituality as well as offering one-on-one art therapy sessions.

Re-Story Your Life - am

Why do fairy-tales, myths and legends grab us? Often we connect with a deeper truth, or a character overcoming adversity to build a new life.  Compare Luke Skywalker or Cinderella with some of the comments we absorb like ‘you’re not creative’, ‘you’re not clever’, ‘you can’t do that’ or more subtly that you need to be ‘good’ to be worthy of love.  What are the stories you tell yourself, do they hold you back and do you want to change them? Is it as simple as putting your undies on the outside? 


In this workshop you’ll look at how your stories have shaped you and retell them in a life affirming way by creating your very own fairy tale, myth or legend in the form of a story book, concertina or children’s book, photomontage or PowerPoint, musical journey, cartoon or Claymation, series of sculptures or images.  Whatever your skill level - draw, paint, sculpt, cut words and pictures from magazines or story books to create your own personal keepsake - no artistic skill required! AND you won’t be asked to share anything personal!

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