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FATA 24 Logo.png
FATA 24 Logo.png
Faith and the Arts 7th-12th January 2024 in Poatina

"‘Take a step or change direction’ is going on my studio wall. Onwards with intention and grace."

"Fun, creative, refreshing… trying things previously avoided"
"Profound. It is always a blessing and a time to reset."
"Almost overwhelming but invigorating. My essential start to the year!"
"Simply a blessing.  All facets were worthwhile and good for the soul"
"Restorative and empowering"
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Creative people from around Australia will gather in POATINA this January for our annual FAITH AND THE ARTS Summer School.

Come and ALIGHT in this beautiful place, with beautiful people, and a beautiful opportunity to build skills, understanding and encouragement together.

Yes, Poatina is the place to come together and celebrate life with the Great Creator as we focus on our faith-art journey both individually and in community.

Suitable for any adult or mature teenager, we will

  • connect with other faith-filled creatives

  • get creatively inspired and encouraged

  • kick-start a year of faith and creativity


Experience Electives, Evening Gatherings, Artist Talks and Prayer. Share creative progress in our Showcase.

Register in 2025 for FATA26


We will spend time all together each evening exploring our theme and the intersection of our art and faith. Together we'll explore creative approaches to worship and learning.

Have space to reflect.  Take a moment to breathe and listen.  Come in to land and be centred.  Discuss new ideas and concepts.  Come with an expectation that God will draw us in and journey with us.

Curated thoughtfully by our amazing team, these times will centre on scripture and feed into the electives and other activities of our creative week.
Coleman Headshot 2020.jpg

Keynote Speaker

Lucinda Coleman returns this year - all the way from Perth WA where she has her creative, academic and family home.  Lucinda and our Gatherings Team facilitated some pretty lovely sessions at FATA23. Thought-provoking, anchored in scripture and open to God's leading... we were all inspired and challenged.  She urged us to 'take a step or change direction'.    

Lucinda is a founder and leader of arts collectives and initiatives both nationally and internationally. She has pioneered amazing dance productions and mentored artists. Lucinda loves researching social justice arts engagement through dance, collaboration, site-specific performance-making, and cross-cultural performance work.


Choose one AM and one PM four-day elective stream.  
Options include Retreat Mode and our suite of morning Mix It Up workshops.

AM Electives

PM Electives

Afternoon Electives

Mix It Ups (PM)

FATA20 LS-500 flameworked glass environm
FATA20 LS-501 flameworked glass
FATA20 LS-535 weaving elective
FATA20 LS-458 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-610 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-598 gatherings dance Hayley
FATA20 LS-573 music elective
FATA20 LS-455 sky sunset
FATA20 LS-444 poatina landscape
FATA20 LS-575 restory elective
FATA20 LS-609 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-564 fibre art dye felt
FATA20 LS-580 restory elective
FATA20 LS-604 gatherings
FATA20 LS-576 restory elective
FATA20 LS-583 restory elective
FATA20 LS-433 kids
FATA20 LS-385 fibre art dye felt
FATA20 LS-324 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-310 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-315 painting at creek
FATA20 LS-391 fibre art dye felt
FATA20 LS-335 gatherings
FATA20 LS-275 gatherings
FATA20 LS-348 gatherings
FATA20 LS-330 gatherings
FATA20 LS-266 gatherings
FATA20 LS-249 gatherings
FATA20 LS-244 gatherings
FATA20 LS-240 gatherings
FATA20 LS-241 gatherings
FATA20 LS-233 snacks
FATA20 LS-229 snacks
FATA20 LS-225 snacks
FATA20 LS-165 kilnformed glass elective.
FATA20 LS-211 flameworked glass elective
FATA20 LS-173 glassblowing elective
FATA20 LS-121 music elective
FATA20 LS-84 glassblowing demo
FATA20 LS-99 sky sunset
FATA20 LS-153 singing Steve
FATA20 LS-109 flameworked glass
FATA20 LS-215 glassblowing elective
FATA20 LS-94 glassblowing demo
FATA20 LS-1-2 weaving elective
FATA20 LS-13 arts centre
FATA20 LS-5 speaker Russell


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