4-11 Jan 2020 | Poatina Village
FATA20 flyer
It's summer camp for creatives. Art making, workshops, creative worship, teaching and more.

Australia’s longest running residential Christian arts event, Faith and the Arts draws creatives together for 7 fun-filled days of inspiration and action. 


Held each year in early January, FATA is a celebration of life with the Great Creator – a chance for like-minded people to come together to give time and space to their faith-art journey.  

This is an event for any adult or mature teenager wanting to develop artistic skill and express their creativity and faith. 

>   A space for connection with other faith-filled creatives

>   Inspiration and encouragement for your creative journey

>   A great way to kick-start the year creatively 


A typical day involves:

  • ​Morning and afternoon arts electives

  • Gatherings with teaching and creative worship

  • Shared meals and optional evening program

"Totally exceeded all my expectations.  

God has met with me in amazing ways"

"It was like the tide came back in over my parched creative heart"
"FATA was the first time I have ever seen every art-form
truly treated as equally valuable and worthy of esteem... by EVERYONE"
"A unique experience that has allowed me to find myself"


This is the part of the day we love getting together to chew on the gritty stuff of faith, creativity, theology and worship.
Find space to reflect and consider, connect as a community, express worship through creative skills of all kinds, think and talk about the stuff that makes us tick as Christians and as creatives.  
A team of facilitators, musicians, and speakers including our keynote Russell McKane weave together a unique and unforgettable journey through the week, which participants will further explore in daily morning and afternoon elective streams.

Keynote Speaker

Russell McKane has often been called the renaissance man. Artist, Educator, Environmentalist, and Theologian, Russell is an innovator and integrator in Christian Arts thinking.


Trained in Silversmithing, Photography, and Multimedia, his main arts practice has been in Painting. But Russell has not confined himself to the visual arts. He is also a playwright, actor, musical theatre, spoken word Poet and working on a novel. 


Russell has been involved in Christian arts groups and movements since the mid 1970’s actively mentoring and encouraging Christian artists. Married to Suzanne they came to Poatina as Artists in Residence in 2015. They have both been active in FATA since. Currently Russell is Principal of Capstone College and a resident of Poatina.

Evening Gatherings

There’s so much to do while we’re together, but we aim to make the week sustainable for participants, and everyone's different...! Evenings can be great for going deeper, just hanging out or catching up on personal space.


Our opt-in evenings range from fun and interactive to informative and inspiring, with some chill options too.  

Opt-in as you like, but feel free to disappear to recharge.

Details available during FATA, but previous evenings have included open mic, thought-provoking films, discussion panels, trivia night, board games and reflective/meditative space.

Choose one morning and one afternoon week-long elective stream.
Options include retreat mode and our suite of individual afternoon Mix It Up workshops.

Morning Electives

Afternoon Electives






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