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8th-12th Jan 2021 | wherever you are
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It's ONLINE SUMMER CAMP for creatives. Art making, workshops, creative worship, teaching and more.  

This year Faith and the Arts draws creatives together online! Join us on Friday night and for four full days of our usual celebration of life with the Great Creator – a chance for like-minded people to come together to give time and space to their faith-art journey. We hope that in 2022 we'll be welcoming you in person once again to Australia’s longest running residential Christian arts event.

This is an event for any adult or mature teenager wanting to develop artistic skill and express their creativity and faith. 

>   A space for connection with other faith-filled creatives

>   Inspiration and encouragement for your creative journey

>   A great way to kick-start the year creatively 

A typical day involves Zoom sessions for:

  • ​AM and PM arts electives

  • Evening Gatherings with teaching and creative worship


We'll be sharing what we've learnt in our art and our faith in a final online showcase.

"I have laughed, I have cried,

I have sighed & now I’m ready to fly!"

"enjoyed the freedom in worship and 'being' during gatherings"
"had my faith and art challenged, encouraged and nurtured"
"...so organised with lots of information but gave us
freedom to put our own creativeness in"
"Replete. Full to the brim. I return home overflowing with peace."


We love chewing on the gritty stuff of faith, creativity, theology and worship together -
this year in the evenings, over Zoom.
Find space to reflect and consider, connect as a community, express worship through creative skills of all kinds, think and talk about the stuff that makes us tick as Christians and as creatives.  
A team of facilitators, musicians, and speakers weave together a unique and unforgettable journey throughout the event, which participants will further explore in daily morning and afternoon elective streams.

Keynote Speaker

Keith Dougall is a skilled glass artist, maker and teacher who lives in the Poatina community and co-leads Poatina Arts. His vision for a vibrant and supportive arts community, including a purpose built Arts Centre and Glass Studio, has gradually taken shape over the last 18 years with the help and contribution of many who share the dream. Keith has a wealth of experience about art and community and the deepening of both faith and art as we travel the often challenging creative-faith journey. 


Keith is passionate about making art for specific settings and communities and his most recent public art project, Catching Your Breath, involved capturing the breath of over 300 people into glass bubbles hanging in the new reception area of Royal Hobart Hospital.

Choose one AM and one PM four-day elective stream.  You can see our schedule here.
Options include retreat mode and our suite of individual afternoon Mix It Up workshops.

AM Electives

PM Electives




Afternoon Mix it Ups

FATA20 LS-500 flameworked glass environm
FATA20 LS-501 flameworked glass
FATA20 LS-535 weaving elective
FATA20 LS-458 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-610 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-598 gatherings dance Hayley
FATA20 LS-573 music elective
FATA20 LS-455 sky sunset
FATA20 LS-444 poatina landscape
FATA20 LS-575 restory elective
FATA20 LS-609 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-564 fibre art dye felt
FATA20 LS-580 restory elective
FATA20 LS-604 gatherings
FATA20 LS-576 restory elective
FATA20 LS-583 restory elective
FATA20 LS-433 kids
FATA20 LS-385 fibre art dye felt
FATA20 LS-324 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-310 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-315 painting at creek
FATA20 LS-391 fibre art dye felt
FATA20 LS-335 gatherings
FATA20 LS-275 gatherings
FATA20 LS-348 gatherings
FATA20 LS-330 gatherings
FATA20 LS-266 gatherings
FATA20 LS-249 gatherings
FATA20 LS-244 gatherings
FATA20 LS-240 gatherings
FATA20 LS-241 gatherings
FATA20 LS-233 snacks
FATA20 LS-229 snacks
FATA20 LS-225 snacks
FATA20 LS-165 kilnformed glass elective.
FATA20 LS-211 flameworked glass elective
FATA20 LS-173 glassblowing elective
FATA20 LS-121 music elective
FATA20 LS-84 glassblowing demo
FATA20 LS-99 sky sunset
FATA20 LS-153 singing Steve
FATA20 LS-109 flameworked glass
FATA20 LS-215 glassblowing elective
FATA20 LS-94 glassblowing demo
FATA20 LS-1-2 weaving elective
FATA20 LS-13 arts centre
FATA20 LS-5 speaker Russell