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7th - 11th Jan 2022 | wherever you are


A word on our increase in fees this year


We wanted to offer support during the strange times that COVID brought with it, so greatly reduced FATA21 fees as we piloted our online mode and therefore operated at a loss.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive about the depth of connection and growth people experienced, so we’re confident that FATA22online will be just as spiffy and fulfil expectations!


We hope you’ll continue to journey with us as we increase FATA22 fees to more closely reflect our usual fees and increasing costs including our new paid position/s. 

If the fees are a barrier for you please use the discount code HELP at checkout on your registration form to receive 20% off your standard or concession rego fee.  That's more than $90 off the standard fee to help with the cost of getting E.T. printed on your face masks.  Or you can take advantage of the Gatherings only option.

Concession $320


// AM and PM electives //

// gatherings incl. resource pack //

// other prayer/connect sessions //

Kids are welcome to be with you

during gatherings to watch and listen in.

Keen to connect and get a taste of FATA, but

not available during the day?

Gatherings only $235

Concession $160

With no travel and accommodation fees again this year, you may like to consider donating to support

the ongoing arts work in Poatina.

Choose one AM and one PM Elective.

You'll be asked for a 2nd choice of each in case your 1st choice fills up quickly.

Some electives have additional fees.

PM Electives

Acrylic Painting - ($150)

Poetry - $0

Photography - $0

Mix It Up - $0

Retreat Mode - $0

Some electives require you to gather/buy materials

in addition to items covered by elective fees.

Please visit elective pages for info.