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Sharnee Torrents started weaving when she saw a wall hanging and wanted to learn how to make it herself!

Over the last 5 years her style has developed and changed as she has released her inner creative ways and added things that are unique and have significance to her. Sharnee loves how weaving gives her time to create, time to break from day to day rhythms and be involved in making beautiful things for the world around her.

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This elective covers everything you need to know to design and create your very own wall hanging. You will be given a beautifully hand crafted Tassie Oak loom, along with your choice of yarn pack full of colours that co-ordinate together like a song!

On the first day you will be shown how to "warp up" a loom and learn tabby weave - the foundation of all basic weaving techniques - to create a nature masterpiece with things gathered from the bush around Poatina.

From there you will get started on your wall hanging, with Sharnee demonstrating each step and technique as we weave "in and out" together.

If you have more experience we'll get you applying the concepts in your mind to the textures and shapes you create in your hands, maybe try some new techniques and get you exploring personal expression in more depth.

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice of morning elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable.

Additional Fee $90

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