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Faith and the Arts announcement - FATA25pause

This is an announcement of some exciting developments, and a variation in what we’ll be doing this January.


Poatina Arts and the FATA OrgTeam love preparing and facilitating our annual Faith and the Arts summer school in Poatina each January.  It’s a really worthwhile event that serves an incredible national network of creative people engaging with faith.  Every year it's exhilarating, and both team and participants are overwhelmingly positive about their experiences and the benefits of attending.  FATA is a key part of our Poatina Arts strategy.  


Our strategy also includes working with state and national institutions and attracting professional artists of all walks of life to work with us and use our amazing facilities.  We have the exciting opportunity to do this in the coming year by hosting the national AusGlass conference in Feb25, and together with some possible funding partners develop the Arts Centre mezzanine floor and glass trailer, and launch programs that will attract and engage glass artists from Tassie, interstate and overseas into the future.


What does this mean for FATA?


Well, in a move that’s rather uncharacteristic, we’re acknowledging our limitations and trying not to bite off more than we can chew, and hence


FATA will pause for one year

Do you need a moment?


Yes, that’s right – you might be moaning in disappointment or cheering on our brave move to announce



It’s a pause year.


It’s a fallow year.


A year to acknowledge what God’s been doing, and what He’ll continue to do, and to respond to some of the nudges He’s been giving us.


It’s a year of hope as many of the local team work on these other strategic developments, as well as updating how we organise FATA so that FATA26 can be managed with clearer systems and roles.


So many people come from all over Australia to teach, learn, connect and be inspired – many seeing it as a significant launchpad into the year.  While FATA won’t provide this opportunity in Jan25, it isn’t stopping, and there are still great opportunities to engage with other Christian creatives, and to spend time in Poatina between now and FATA26:


- Check out for some great options in various states and at various times of the year;


- Join us in the room or on zoom on the 4th Tuesday of every month for our 7:30pm Arts Gatherings – a time to connect and share our creative journey informally; 


- Connect on the FATA community facebook group or with those you’ve attended FATA with in the past.  Encourage each other and share your creative work and faith journey.


- Spend some creative time in Poatina on a self-funded Artist Residency.  Design your own retreat including how you’d like to interact with the community and with local artists;


- You might have another great idea for spending some creative, reflective time in January or at another time – whether by yourself, with your family or with others who’d benefit from spending that kind of time together. 


- stay tuned for other ways you can help or stay involved during this fallow year…

FATA20 LS-500 flameworked glass environm
FATA20 LS-501 flameworked glass
FATA20 LS-535 weaving elective
FATA20 LS-458 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-610 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-598 gatherings dance Hayley
FATA20 LS-573 music elective
FATA20 LS-455 sky sunset
FATA20 LS-444 poatina landscape
FATA20 LS-575 restory elective
FATA20 LS-609 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-564 fibre art dye felt
FATA20 LS-580 restory elective
FATA20 LS-604 gatherings
FATA20 LS-576 restory elective
FATA20 LS-583 restory elective
FATA20 LS-433 kids
FATA20 LS-385 fibre art dye felt
FATA20 LS-324 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-310 environmental sculpture
FATA20 LS-315 painting at creek
FATA20 LS-391 fibre art dye felt
FATA20 LS-335 gatherings
FATA20 LS-275 gatherings
FATA20 LS-348 gatherings
FATA20 LS-330 gatherings
FATA20 LS-266 gatherings
FATA20 LS-249 gatherings
FATA20 LS-244 gatherings
FATA20 LS-240 gatherings
FATA20 LS-241 gatherings
FATA20 LS-233 snacks
FATA20 LS-229 snacks
FATA20 LS-225 snacks
FATA20 LS-165 kilnformed glass elective.
FATA20 LS-211 flameworked glass elective
FATA20 LS-173 glassblowing elective
FATA20 LS-121 music elective
FATA20 LS-84 glassblowing demo
FATA20 LS-99 sky sunset
FATA20 LS-153 singing Steve
FATA20 LS-109 flameworked glass
FATA20 LS-215 glassblowing elective
FATA20 LS-94 glassblowing demo
FATA20 LS-1-2 weaving elective
FATA20 LS-13 arts centre
FATA20 LS-5 speaker Russell


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