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Explore Your Story

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In this season Kathryn enjoys facilitating retreats in Poatina where the beautiful surrounds inspire contemplation. She particularly loves mixing creative reflection with a heart to hear God's whispers as she helps people engage with their Creator amid their own story.

Recently she pursued these loves as part of her own healing journey and as a result published two books, one her testimony, the second a resource for others. She is passionate about enabling people to encounter increased wholeness through the practices of reflection and listening to God's perspectives. She is involved in other face to face and online teaching in partnership with her husband, Peter, all under the banner of Kingdom Presence Ministries.

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Explore Your Story

In our busy lifestyle we rarely find time to explore or value the riches contained in our own back stories. Or listen for God's whispers about our lives. In this elective we'll have opportunity to reflect, journal, draw and/or collage from two perspectives - our own and listening for God's insights, as we explore different facets that have made up our stories (eg elements like your God story, schooling, key influences, employment, dreams and hopes). All the while seeking the gold of God's redeeming perspective. As a base for these activities participants will receive a copy of Kathryn's reflective journal - Explore Your Story and this will be a take home life resource.

Due to the nature of this Elective, it is available to participants aged 18 and over.

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice of morning elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable.

Additional Fee $20

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