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Creating in Creation

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Keith Chidzey is a sculptor and land artist, driven by the magnificence and splendour of creation.

This energy manifests itself in various forms - through highlighting environmental responsibility, prophecy through art, and promoting social justice. Chidzey has a Bachelor of Fine Art (Painting /Drawing), a Master of Arts (Sculpture) and a Master of Fine Arts (research in Sculpture).

He works primarily in fine Australian timber, bronze and fire and has exhibited his work in many sculpture and solo exhibitions, both in Australia and internationally.

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Creating in Creation

Creating in Creation using the Created!

All of nature around us is a wonderful work of art. As we depart from familiar, indoor creating spaces and ALIGHT in a place, let’s open up to unexpected ways to see, and appreciate, and interact with nature. Let's really BE there... taking in and noticing the palette of colours, textures, shapes and sizes with which we can experiment, create and sculpt.

Our creations may be simple, they may be complex, but it will be risky… and adventurous… and exciting… and comforting... all at the same time; they may or may not be discovered by others before they will eventually disperse.

This is the process used in creating Land Art, Ephemeral Art, Foraged Art, Environmental Art.

It will be about finding joy in the present. The joy of collecting. The joy of discovery. Time in His Creation creating, how much better can it get?

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice of afternoon elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable.

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