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Retreat Mode

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You're a really great person.

You care about taking time to reflect, or work on something important.

You have been practising and gaining both skills and experience, maybe performing or exhibiting.

You went to that thingo with those people who did that really great - what was it called...?

Anyway... the point is that this is the right place for you to do what you need to do. Self-directed.

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Retreat Mode

Maybe you're the person running this elective stream... see that bio... is that you?

This elective stream is for those who are vocational artists or who need to spend some time in self-directed work, reflection, rest, or anything else really. There will be opportunity to connect briefly with the other Retreat Moders to share a little of what you're all hoping, and then to see how it's shaping up.

You could register for morning Retreat Mode and the afternoon Workshop the Word elective.

Or maybe you really want to register for the morning Intuitive Painting elective and afternoon Retreat Mode.

It's an elective. For you. By you. Make of it what you like!

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