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Intuitive Painting

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Tania Vrancic is a contemporary ceramic artist and emerging mixed media artist working from her sunny little studio in Canberra. Drawing her inspiration from landscape and childhood memories Tania creates a sense of freedom and whimsy mixed with a Scandinavian design aesthetic.

Making art is often a journey of self-discovery. Tania enjoys creating intuitively with the subtle meaning behind her work unfolding over time. She uses collage, acrylic paints and other mediums as a means to facilitate this journey.

As a ceramicist Tania uses various printing on clay techniques, hand building and slip casting to make each item unique. Details are added with sgraffito, ceramic pencil and slip trailing creating multiple layers which are enhanced by the translucency of high fired porcelain. These processes translate well into her paintings creating rich layers.

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Intuitive Abstract Painting

Discover the joy of painting intuitively, the joy of process, and the joy of playing with the materials and tools without trying to make a particular finished painting ‘happen’.

In this elective we’re going to consider what things we love, paint and collage in ways that we want to, then stand back to observe what we’ve tried and where we’ve gotten to, and decide on further techniques and experiments to make what we’ve made into something that we’re satisfied with.

We’ll begin collaging things that bring us joy, then we’ll play with paint - without any pre-conceived ideas of what we want to make or achieve… We’ll experiment with different types of tools with which to apply paint, and through that, create layers and textures. We’ll sand back through some of those layers and discover what the under layers look like after we’ve hacked into it a bit…!

There will plenty of guidance, plenty of space to try things and plenty of mutual support as we encourage each other in our explorations. We’ll be discussing what we’re learning and what we’re discovering, and all the way through we’ll be looking for and waiting on what God might want us to discover. We may even discover some things about ourselves.

So we’ll end up having had a really rich experience together, having supported each other in trying new directions, having probably laughed and maybe cried, and taking home a fresh outlook into whatever our practice might be.

Bring your sense of adventure and any level of experience from beginner to advanced.

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice of morning elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable.

Additional Fee $30

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