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Kiln-Formed Glass

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Rose Hamilton works as a kiln-formed glass artist at the Poatina Arts Centre amongst other arts and crafts. She explores with glass, assists in the Hot Shop and teaches a range of techniques for experimenting, designing and making fused and slumped glass creations.

Rose's creative experiments also include basketmaking. When she heard, almost 20 years ago, about a basket-makers retreat she scoffed at the vision of pink and green cane. However, there was no cane, just piles of garden clippings that looked ready for the compost, being transformed into beautiful baskets! Rose has been hooked ever since. She works mostly with recycled wire because it is readily available and easy to cart around.

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Kiln-Formed Glass

A cooking class with glass. Come and learn the fun of putting cut up bits of glass into the kiln to make beautiful things.

This Elective is always a favourite - an opportunity to design patterns and images using some creative limitations and foreseeing the effect of adding heat. We will start with some creative combinations of colours and shapes, then see what the kiln will do in combining them. Then we'll envisage a final design and work towards it by predicting what colours, shapes, techniques and effects will culminate in the desired outcome.

Learn a range of techniques including weaving glass and painting with frit.

Due to the nature of this Elective, it is available to participants aged 15 and over.

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice of morning elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable.

Additional Fee $145

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