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Art That Moves

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John likes to dabble in creativity. He was born at a very early age, and hasn’t died yet. He’s lived in every state except NSW, and has dabbled in as many different art forms.

John has always liked things that are interactive, and started creating automata artworks 423 weeks ago (check out the half-made Ned Kelly on a bicycle, on John’s instagram).

He has studied industrial design and Youth and Community Wark, recently completing a Bachelor of Illustration (his COVID project) at Melbourne Polytechnic.

John has been visiting Poatina for many years, having worked with Fusion in Brisbane, Rockhampton and Melbourne. He currently draws floor plans for a real estate firm. He has firm plans to be in Poatina this January.

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Art That Moves

Got a visual idea? Want to make some interactive art with an experienced creator?

In this Elective we’ll make your idea into a reality, and work out some simple ways to make it move - it could be a flapping bird, a bobbing boat, or a Donald Trump who’s head spins around!

Be guided through a series of activities to make small visual artworks with moving parts from cardboard, cut-out paper, small bits of wood or polymer clay. It’s the kind of fun you can continue having at home!

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice of afternoon elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable.

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