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Co-Writing Songs

Melissa Saunders is a singer songwriter with 3 albums, and Programme Director at Hive Creative Studios in Charlestown, Newcastle where she writes and teaches music, creative play, drama and school readiness programmes for under 8 year olds.


With her AMEB trained pianist husband Paul, Melissa has run songwriting workshops at Airlie Beach Music Festival and at FATA19.


Her work as Melissa Saunders, FishJam and Little Cents is available for purchase at


Co-Writing Songs - am

Songwriting seems like an elusive art but we all have a song in our heart waiting to be born. Join the creative process where as a group we will develop a song concept, finding original lyrics and developing melody, as well as writing individually or with other members of the group. 


Learn the important art of collaboration which enables us to be creative in ways far beyond our own skills, expands our process and allows us to catch a glimpse of our own brilliance through the eyes of others.


We'll bounce off each other, responding to FATA theme of Becoming. Work at your own level - whether novice or experienced and be supported to present your work at the end of the week.


Learning through play is just as important for adults, so be prepared to have fun as we explore the elusive art of songwriting.

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice of morning elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable.

Guitarist Writing Song
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