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Fluidity of Silver

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Russell McKane is a Silversmith who has been imparting his skills in Secondary education and at FATA for many years. He majored in Silver and small metal artworks in the late 70's, and is more a metal art and experimental metal worker than a fine jewelry maker. Russell is a true renaissance man and loves supporting and mentoring artists. He has been part of the Poatina Community and Arts Colony since first visiting for Faith and the Arts and an Artist Residency some years ago.

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Exploring the Fluidity of Silver


This year's Silversmithing Elective will focus on Reticulation. We will take a piece of silver, make the surface fluid and then play in the melt to make unique jewellery with patterning. We will have fun using this experimental method to make matching earrings, a pendant drop or broach, and a ring.

FOR SAFETY, closed shoes must be worn and long hair must be tied back.

Additional Fee: $130

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice of afternoon elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable.

Due to the nature of this Elective, it is available to participants aged 15 and over

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