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Glass Blowing

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Keith Dougall is a passionate glass artist and educator who manages, practices and teaches at the Poatina Glass Studio. With over 25 years experience, he loves sharing the mystery and joy of working with molten glass with others. Keith's art work often tends to be on the challenging side of things, usually involving the production of large numbers of kiln-formed or blown glass components that together form part of larger installations - often exploring themes of human existence, community and faith. You can see some of his recent public art commissions at his website and

Lydia Brichta was fascinated by glass blowing when she first saw it while cycling round the Isle of Wight. She stayed watching whilst the rest of the group cycled on! Later she did a short glass blowing course through Sydney College of The Arts and then got a job working as an apprentice /assistant glass blower to glass artist Robert Wynne in Manly. Lydia went back to being a Vet after 3 years but continued glass as a hobby. She got back into glass-blowing (after a time of concentrating on Vetting) when invited by Keith to Poatina a few years ago. Lydia continues to explore her art practice and faith with help from Poatina Arts & Annandale Creative Arts Centre in Sydney.

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Glass Blowing


Get 'Blown Away' in Poatina with Keith Dougall and Lydia Brichta!

Have you seen the hit show 'Blown Away' on Netflix where glass artists compete with each other to make all manner of amazing objects in blown glass? Ever thought you would really love to try it yourself one day? Well, the Glass Blowing elective at FATA23 could just be the perfect opportunity...

This hands-on class is suitable for both complete beginners and those who've dabbled in hot glass before... we'll spend the first part of the elective getting you grounded or refreshed in some basic skills such as gathering molten glass from the 1150 degree furnace, rotating it on a blow pipe, shaping it, heating it, adding colour and tooling it in a variety of ways to create some awesome solid glass paperweights and hollow blown vessels.

Keith and Lydia will also help you workshop some of your own ideas and assist you to bring them to life in hot glass. Be prepared for excitement! Be prepared for risk and adventure! Be prepared for fun! Be prepared to go where you've never gone before... Be prepared to be BLOWN AWAY!

YOU CAN BRING a water bottle to stay hydrated.

FOR SAFETY, cotton clothing (including long-sleeved shirt) and closed shoes must be worn, and long hair must be tied back.

Additional Fee: $350

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice of afternoon elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable.

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