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Remake Your Clothes












Narda Campbell is a fibre artist who plays with colour and form using fabric, thread and dye.  


Her faith touches the way she teaches - we have a creative God who has created us, so each of us is creative in different ways.
There is no such thing as a non-creative person - just one who hasn't found their medium.

Teaching gives her great joy and she loves seeing people who thought they couldn't do it, start to think outside the 'square'.


Remake Your Clothes - pm

Rediscover and remake your clothes by hand.  
Take clothes you already have to give them a new lease of life by splitting seams, adding fabric, dyeing/over-dyeing and adding textures. 
We do it all by hand - no sewing machine required. 
Includes darning skills & simple repairs.

Don't know how to stitch a seam by hand, sew on a button? Is that waistline too floppy? Learn how to insert elastic at the back so it fits. This elective is for you!

Explore dyeing and hand stitching to give old favourites a new lease of life, as well as the ancient Japanese darning / patching practice of BORO.

We will also be doing some resist dyeing this year using flour paste & fabric paint / thickened dye.

Come & relove your clothes.



  • Table space to spread out clothing

  • Running water

  • Washing machine & washing line or dryer

  • Good source of light for stitching



  • Clothes to be assessed & repaired

  • Pins

  • Salt for dyeing (table or Cooking salt)

  • Paintbrushes, fine permanent markers or fabric markers.


  • Written notes

  • Darning equipment including darning egg, thread snips, a selection of needles, a selection of specialty fabrics for patching & appliqué

  • Soda Ash for the dyeing session

  • Cassava flour for the flour resist session

  • Citric acid

  • A small set of food colouring


  • Old clothing to be used for weaving, patching, buttons, etc (op shops can be a great source)

  • Thread or cotton of your choice - that blends or contrasts with the pieces to be used.

  • Dye - Rit or Dylon - colours of your choice - $8 dry powder or $14 bottle of liquid (Spotlight or

  • OR use Acrylic paint you already have - you will need some fabric fixative (Spotlight)

  • OR fabric paint you already have at home


Additional Fee: $70

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice for afternoon elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable

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