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Acrylic Painting

Anna Van Stralen is a local Tasmanian artist, based in Launceston. After completing her Honours year in a Bachelor of Contemporary Arts, she has been developing her painting practice through solo shows, live performance painting, Casual Lecturing in painting and Drawing at the School of Creative Art in Inveresk, and is currently under examination for a PhD in Creative Philosophy. 

Anna is highly motivated to help children and adults find a voice in the realm of visual arts, and believes that engagement with art behaviours creates a wide range of human benefits, including confidence, personal insight, community engagement, critical thinking and creative problem solving.


Acrylic Painting - pm

Painting is a highly satisfying and flexible art medium which can bring any idea or vision - of other worlds or ways of being - to life.


This elective will cover use of pictorial space, colour mixing, paint handling skills, observation and gestural language. We will look into the skills and thoughts which help to build rich and engaging two-dimensional works of art.


Whether you are just beginning or a veteran artist, this elective will encourage growth and confidence in the realm of paint.



  • Set of a range of artist quality acrylic coloured paints, preferably Matisse or Golden
    - a cool and warm variant of red, blue and yellow, (art store assistant can help you choose!)
    - OR a set of red, blue and yellow primary colours if budget is an issue
    - AND titanium white, burnt umber and black. 
    - useful additions (optional): burnt or raw sienna, van dyke brown, black, magenta and cyan/teal. 

  • A set of brushes with a variety of sizes and shapes

  • Materials to paint on - tba

Max & min numbers apply, make sure you indicate a second choice of afternoon elective when registering in case your first choice is unavailable.

Image by Markus Spiske
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