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Retreat Mode


I've got this creative project I'm working on. I need to carve out some time and space...

I could do with some retreat time - sounds good considering all that's been going on... I know how to take myself for a walk, find a quiet space to sit and reflect, and maybe journal a bit...

Oooh... I can dabble in whatever I like?  That's me - I can do that! I'd love to do that!  Sign me up!

Retreat Mode - am or pm

Maybe you're the person running this elective stream... see that bio to the left there... is that you?

This elective stream is for those who are vocational artists or need to spend some time in self-directed work, reflection, rest or anything else, really. There will be opportunity to connect briefly with the other Retreat Moders to share a little of what you're all hoping, and then to see how it's shaping up.

You could register for morning Retreat Mode and the afternoon Photography or Dance elective.

Or maybe you really want to register for the morning Music elective and afternoon Retreat Mode.

It's an elective.  For you.  By you.  Make of it what you like!

Registering for afternoon Retreat Mode will give you access to any of the Mix It Up sessions - pick and choose... go to some and have the other afternoons in retreat mode.  Select the Mix It Ups of your choice when registering.

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